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Band Boosters

Officers for 2021-2022 are:

President–Amanda Jones -

Vice President–Nicole Hendrickson -

Treasurer–Jessica Johnston -

Secretary–Jillian Legnosky -

Member-at-large–Alex Julio -

Member-at-Large–Jane Remiers -

Member-at-Large–Carrie Miller –

Booster Meeting Minutes

Minutes from previous WABB meetings:

Booster Committees

If you would like to participate in any of these committees, your help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact contact any of the officers listed above!

Ads for funding and program booklet

Needs one or two people. Give Patron Ad forms to students. Record donor, amount and student when donations are turned in and forward ad copy to Mr. Nickel  for inclusion in concert programs. Give top 3 sellers’ names to Executive Committee to announce at winter concert. Works all year as needed.

Scholarship Committee

Needs three or more people. Distributes scholarship application, with application deadline of mid-April. Meets a couple times to determine winner(s) for May Awards assembly. Works March- mid April.

Uniform Committee

Needs five to10 people. Two or three people on a rotating schedule help students put away uniforms after every event. Fits new 8th grade students for uniforms in the spring. Someone with simple sewing skills would be beneficial to help with minor repairs such as hemming pants, sewing buttons, etc when needed. Major alterations or repairs are sent out. Mr. Nickel  arranges for dry cleaning of uniforms. Works as needed throughout the year.

Band Camp

Needs a large group. Chaperones and helpers needed for a part or all of the week at band camp, riding buses up to or home from camp, checking luggage, loading luggage bus. Chaperones can stay all week or whatever their schedule allows. Head Band Camp Chaperones are chosen in January. Works band camp week. Some committee members work from April when band camp packet is distributed until camp is over.

Picture Day- last day of school

Needs five to 10 people. Sends picture forms out to students, schedules and works with Clark’s Studios on the payments and photo groups. Organizes groups and chaperones students on Picture day. Works the morning of the last day of school. Some members will work to deliver pictures on Meet the Band night in August.

Fundraising Dinner

Large group needed. Core committee of 4-6 people start work in January and work until the dinner date on the Saturday of the spring Musical. Many people needed to help the day of the dinner, working at different jobs in shifts from 8 AM until clean-up at 7 PM. Need people to set up, make coleslaw, make pies, decorate, prepare food portions, clean tables (students also), make drinks, serve dinners from 3:30-7, clean up after dinner.

Football Program

Needs two or three people. Next year's Senior parents are best for this committee. Send biography questionnaire to next year's seniors. Collect picture money. Proofread by deadline (June) and take to printer. Coordinate getting senior pictures and sections from Clark’s to printer. Work with printer to proof pages as they are done. Committee works from June to August when football programs are complete.

Videotaping games and concerts

Needs two to five people on a rotating schedule to film all football game halftime shows and Band Festival. Committee works through football season. May tape a concert or two.

Ticket Sales for home football games

Need six people per home game to sell and take tickets at gate. Need a rotating group of 12-20 to fill games. Two people sell tickets, four people man the gates to tear ticket stubs and police re-entry.

Cookies for Half-time at football games

Need 10-15 people on a rotating schedule to bring 3-4 dozen cookies to school before band goes to the game. This would include playoff games as needed. Committee works through football season.

Drinks for Half-time at football games

Need four to six people to bring coolers of water, cold drink or hot chocolate to school before band leaves for game. Five gallon coolers and drink mixes will be provided. Members to take coolers home after each game, wash and bring back to next game. Cold drink may switch to hot chocolate during season. Committee works through football season.

Senior Night

Needs two to four people (not senior parents) to coordinate buying carnations and passing them out to Seniors for Senior recognition.  Carnation Boutonnière for Senior Night football game for seniors, senior moms and band staff.

Awards Committee

Need two to 8 people to obtain and distribute yearly awards. Consult with Band Director to get awards ordered. Someone must be available to measure sophomores for Band jackets during school day. Other awards are either already decided or chosen by Executive committee in conjunction with this committee. Committee members help distribute awards at Band banquet in March. Works from November to March.

Band Banquet Committee

Committee is made up primarily of Junior Class parents. Needs a large group of parents. Responsible for planning banquet. Hall reservation, catering choice, table setup, decorations, cake and cake serving, and cleanup are done by this committee. Works from January through the Banquet in March.

Chaperones for Games/Parades

Need 10-20 for rotating schedule of games and parades. A form is available to fill out to show preference of games, etc. Parent must have Child Abuse and Police background forms as well as Hepatitis vaccine paperwork on file at the District office before chaperoning. This committee works primarily in the fall for football season (including playoffs), for parades in fall and spring, adjudication in March.

Chaperone Committee

Needs one parent from each class (minimum of four members total) to work with Head chaperones to make schedule for football season, band camp and for Band trips every two years. Committee will find replacement chaperones as needed if a scheduled person becomes unavailable. Committee will work all year as needed.

Fundraising Committee

Needs two to six people. Oversees and facilitating fundraising activities. Committee investigates and brings new fundraising ideas to Executive Committee and Booster members. Standard yearly fundraisers are handled by their respective committees.

Audit Committee

Needs three people. Committee audits Treasurer’s books at fiscal year end on April 30. Committee spot checks student accounts, matches deposits, checks written and receipts throughout the year. Works in May. Meets usually one or two evenings and submits written report to Executive Committee when books are done. Audit needs done as early as practical in May.

Hoagie/Stromboli Sales

Needs three to 10 people. There are usually two to three sales per year. Committee gets order forms to the Band Director to give to students. Orders are tallied and called in to suppliers. On the Saturday morning delivery, help by all members is needed to sort, check and double-check orders. Works as needed throughout the year when sales are scheduled.

Nominating Committee

Needs three to five members. Committee members can’t be nominated as officers except as a last resort. Committee solicits band parents for various offices: Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, two Members at Large. VP is to be aware that the job is a two year commitment as they will be President the next year. Recent practice has had the outgoing President be one of the At Large members to retain continuity. Committee works from the October Booster meeting until they present a slate of candidates at the February Booster meeting.

Nut Sale

Needs four to 10 people. Committee gets order forms to the Director to give to students. Orders are tallied and called in to Here’s Howe Candy salesman. Members help sort the orders when they are delivered, usually the day of a concert. They also help distribute the orders to students at that concert. Committee works approximately one month during sale period.

Frozen Pie Sale

Needs six to 12 people. Committee gets order forms to the Band Director to give to students. Orders are tallied and called in to vendor. Members help sort orders on delivery and help distribute. This is usually a fundraiser in the fall to deliver before Thanksgiving. Committee works from September through November.

Lawrence County Fair Fundraiser

Need all band parents and students to participate. Core committee of six to 10 people start work in June. There are five gates to be manned from 8 AM to 10 PM Monday through Saturday of the Fair in August. Committee members will schedule volunteers, coordinate with Fair Board Directors, keep track of hours worked. Core committee works from June to August.

Publicity Committee

Needs 1-2 people. Committee is to report to the news media and publicize any activities of the band and the Boosters. This shall be only the activities approved by the Boosters and the administration. Modified 10/3/2012